This is the Weird Workshop


Neopixel Octopus Sculpture

Some of our previous work.


Houses of Parliment - Peterloo Massacre Exhibition.
Designed and installaton of the Audio/Video equipment in a exhibition telling the story of the Peterloo Massacre. Advised on the technical aspects of the video to be included in the exhibition.

The Science Museum - Medicine The Wellcome Galleries.
Designed and built PCBs to control the lighting in the Kings Fund Hospital model.

Private Client - Arduino control of DSLR Camera
Triggered a DSLR Camera when a specific an Audio tone emitted by a Metal detector is heard.


Midlands Art centre
Unicorn Light Installation - Arduino Programming, Neopixel Installation on to two Unicorns for the Little Geeks Festival

Unit 9 - Nike Pegasus Turbo
Unity to hardware interfacing - Control of Fans and Lighting, reading data from treadmill.